A few things I’ve done to this world:

Immersion: The Long Haul: One Year of Solitude on America’s Highways | Esquire
Investigative: The Pool Repairman and the Hollywood Hustle | Riverfront Times
Immersion: To Just Stay Alive | Words Matter: An Anthology of Literary Journalism
Foreign Reporting: The Fighting Azov Dolphins | Roads & Kingdoms
Profile: The Middleman: Mike Middleton, interim president of Mizzou | Kansas City Star
Conservation: Conservationists Are Our Finest Killers | The Awl
Environmental feature: Five Days in the Glades with Florida’s Wild Python Hunters | Esquire
Social feature: The Slumlords We Love | Belt Magazine
Business feature: Regulations intended to save walnut industry might kill it | Kansas City Star

A brief resume:

– Freelance journalist | 2015-Present
– Translator, French to English | Fall 2017-Present
– Interactive installation at International Center of Photography in NYC: “Winter Crossing” in Ukraine with Sarah Blesener and Cédric von Niederhäusern | Sep 2017-Nov 2017


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– Gypsy Moth Trapper for Missouri Department of Conservation | May 2017-Present
– Hitchhiker | 2016
– Long-haul Truck Driver | Fall 2014-Fall 2015
– Worked Crap Jobs | Summer 2014
– Graduated from University of Missouri with Bachelor in Magazine Journalism | Spring 2014
– Editorial Internship @ The Blue Note in Columbia, Mo | Spring 2014
– Science Reporter @ SciXchange in Columbia, Mo | Spring 2014
– Studied journalism @ L’Institut d’etudes politiques in Paris, France | Spring 2013
– Spent nine months in nursing home reporting for WordsMatter | Spring 2012-Winter 2012
– Staff Writer @ Vox Magazine in Columbia, Mo | Fall 2012
– Pokemon Cards Stolen | Spring 1998
– Born | Fall 1991

Things I’m not proficient in:

– Design

There’s more to me than this. I can write songs for you, short stories for you, polemize on trees for you, run for you, walk with you, transport bulk shipments of hazmats for you, probably even work for you.


3 thoughts on “Professional

  1. Hey Robert,
    Great article “The Long Haul: One Year of Solitude on America’s Highways”, scored high on Hacker News:
    As a former news/business reporter, I was impressed by your decision to cover trucking from the inside.
    Good luck with your work.

  2. Brilliant article about long haul. It’s got to be a challenge summarizing a year on the road but you nailed it cold. I’m still trying to find the words to describe the feelings coursing through my mind. I was an owner operator all through the 90’s. Just like you, I looked “corporate” except that I looked that way the whole time. I even managed to have my rig (and me, to a much lesser extent) featured in Overdrive magazine back in ’95. But I digress.
    Great piece, fabulous writing. And now I going to check out your other work.
    Drop me a line and I’ll send you a photo of one of our company’s custom 8-axle rigs; we haul heavy up here (92,000lb payload, 126,000lbs gross)

  3. Esquire piece is fantastic. You have a rare gift and I hope you find a good place to get paid well to us it. I know the journalism economy presents its challenges — hang in there, there is a place with someone with your talent.

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