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Lost in America Pt. 2: From an Orphanage in Moldova

Michael doesn’t know if Moldovans are pro-Russia or not. He guesses that the older men are Russians and the younger men are Moldovans. You don’t learn much politics in Moldovan orphanages. Michael, now 24, doesn’t speak without being spoken to. Instead of looking for training partners, he spends most of every day silently playing pool … Continue reading


My God, my lord, my country. Watch your language.

“We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, language.” –Oscar Wilde, printed under the heading “Americanisms” in BBC’s Style Guide. Saw an interesting thing in The Guardian a couple of weeks ago. In a story about the political/ethnic massacres going on in South Sudan, the British news guys included the following sentences: “The lord is … Continue reading