My name is Robert Langellier. I’m a writer and I work outdoors.

Am I a reporter or a conservation worker? Good question! My body is in San Francisco and my mind is in the Ozarks.


One thought on “About

  1. Robert! I (and many others) enjoyed your blog(?) about your trucking experiences. And a lot of that enjoyment came from your stating of facts from someone who has gone through it instead of some inane attempt at sensationalism.

    That being said, it appears that you might not be opposed to writing more about trucking. And I’d like to see it. Especially if you can “get it out there” where other folks can see it instead of only in truck-centric publications where they’re only preaching to the choir.

    The main issue out there right now is the ELD, electronic logging device. It was not clear whether you used them. But the point that people are not seeing that I would like to be out there is that the reason they will become required pieces of equipment is because of the ATA (American Trucking Association) and their lobbying efforts. There is possibly some influence from the manufacturers of these devices as well since they would then have a guaranteed consumer in the trucking industry.

    And the other big thing is the craze about sleep apnea. This is a movement lobbied by the manufacturers of the machines and those who do sleep studies. More groups who want a guaranteed consumer in the trucking industry.

    As far as I know, there has never been a link to sleep apnea being an issue in any accidents. Sure, there are fatigue-related accidents out there. But they seem to be caused by “dumb assery” rather than a medical condition.

    I would like to see you tackle these. I would like to see the information get out there where people can get this information instead of the ol’ pabulum of “driver shortage” that seems to make its way into national papers and other papers sold across the country.

    I realize these subjects might be contrary to your style of writing, but if you can manage to inject your style into these issues I think it would hold the readers’ interest and get them to read and learn rather than hold onto the “sound bite.”

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