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It’s time to meet my coworkers.

I’ve been trucking for a year now, and so far all of my blog posts have been terribly obnoxious exaltations of the working class. I titled two different posts as “Lost in America.” I profiled a drug runner, a gang banger, an old man with regret, a young woman with determination. I made us look like great poets of the highway.

We are not great poets of the highway.

Turns out, there is a way for truckers to review truck stops. Let’s allow that to seep into our largely educated brains. Trucker Path launched its flagship app in 2013, allowing truckers to anonymously post whatever they want in the review section of every single truck stop in America. Whatever they want. Come with me, let me show you the bottom of the trucking, and more or less the respirating, world. Actual Warning: The following may not be for the gentle constitutions of my family members.


Believe it or not, blacks have it the best out of the minority groups on the road. God forbid you’re Hispanic. And God save you if you’re Middle Eastern.


Oops okay we’ve stepped it up to “niggers.” Still struggling with spelling. Everything is downhill from here.


The important thing to know here is that it’s a page-long review of a Taco Bell Express.


On the Road: The Original Scroll


They are talking about parking spots. They are all making the same exact joke about parking spots.


Racist niggers. Okie doke.

Can I interject for one quick second here? Let me point you to the cornucopia of five-star reviews that perorate on what a terrible truck stop they’re in. There are many effusive 1-star reviews. There are many reviews expressly stating a complaint that you can’t give 0-star reviews, which in fact you can give.


A lot lizard is trucker slang for a prostitute who roams truck stops knocking on doors. Everything else is actual unintelligible nonsense.


This man really knows how to develop a narrative.


Yet another unreported tale of black criminals robbing and murdering a person who later gets charged with posthumous harassment. When will it end? #DeadWhitePeopleMatter #TheCounted


Pretty good point. On an unrelated note, about half the truckers I’ve talked to are voting for Trump.

Let’s remember that the entire point of these is to review the quality of the truck stops.


Whole lot to unpack here.


This pretty well articulates itself.


Friendly people

About quitting time.

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