The Forbidden Zone

A Scene of Beauty

I was reading an archived newspaper article about a demonstration of women in St. Louis in 1916, written by a woman. I found its lack of focus on the demonstration of women interesting. I pulled direct quotes out of the article and birthed them into a poem.

“A Furious Scene of Beauty”

3000 women in the Golden Lane.
Each group carried a shield of yellow.
Many feared they would be denied police protection.
If anyone doubts the enthusiasm of the suffragists at this important time,
he would have changed his opinion entirely.

You see—

The women appeared in white dresses,
Bright yellow in the form of hat bands,
pennants, scarfs, sashes,
belts, and flowers.
Each woman held a yellow parasol.

A very beautiful picture.

White dresses and blue coats,
which had been designed by Mrs. Thompson-Seton.
The yellow umbrellas, carried high in hand,
were most effectively disposed.
Rows of chairs gave opportunity for the suffragists
to sit down when they felt so

The women seated made the Golden Lane look nice and homey, indeed.

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