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world of self

This month I’m living without reflections. Blankets are nailed over the mirrors. Blankets nailed everywhere.

How many times do you see yourself?

Mirrors in the bathroom and bedroom, windows in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and car windows on the way to school. Entire building faces made of glass. The translucent, plastic covering over the record player. The funhouse convexity of wine glasses. A watch. A black webpage loading. A picture of yourself online. Always in your minds.

I think some people try to avoid their selves, and some try to sneak clandestine looks at themselves, sad two-eyed trysts. A private meeting in the windows of a Ford pickup as it passes me and my friends. No one seems indifferent. Everyone sees themselves constantly, and everyone feels something about it.

So what if you could leave? Would you miss yourself?

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