The Forbidden Zone

Some Serious Romance

“It’s like, you’re in the bathroom, got a whole thing a diahrrea an’ constipation, just flat knocking you out, and all you can think of is this girl. That’s true love right there, I tell you. Forty minutes on the toilet, and all you can think of is this girl, and her face all two dimensional right up there in front of your face, like you could touch it with your hand, like you could just fuck her or at least hold her an’ make her feel good. Even the little stars tattoo behind her ear and the burn scar on the side o’ her neck, you can see that, too, even though it ain’t much. And then comes a big push and you bend forward and break right through that two dimensional face and hafta grab onto a… up-and-down water pipe that’s steaming hot for support, but you don’t even notice it ’cause you’re thinkin’ about the girl and the big thing in your butt, like shitting is some great feeling you know’s there and it won’t come out. An’ I tell you that face is gonna feel real close to you when you’re in that moment. Forty minutes, and your body’s telling you you gotta go, gotta do it, an’ then you try and nothing comes out.”

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